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Cartoonity is a simple, fun, and intuitive web based application that allows individual artists, illustrators, and copy writers to collectively contribute to the creation of a comic strip.

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Every Monday morning a Key Frame along with a Character Persona and Character Library is posted for collaborators to work their magic. Collaborators then upload their new artwork into the next available frame.

Frames are then voted up by site visitors until 4:00pm MST to determine which frame should be awarded "key frame" for the day. The previous days awarded key frame then serves as the starting point for a new day's frame.

Collaborators receive credit for their contribution and upon published syndication each collaborator is entitled to a percentage of the revenue earned.

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Create your account, update your profile, download the Characters Artwork, Character Attribute Library as an EPS, PSD, or PNG, and the Character's Persona to gain insights into what makes the character tick.

Join in on the conversation with fellow enthusiasts and get the change to have your artwork published, circulated and possibly syndicated.

Featured Collaborator

Steve Tansley Headshot

Steve Tansley

Steve Tansley’s career has taken him through various illustration projects and design directions including illustrating children’s books drawing for a regular web comic called and creating children’s themed environments for commercial and retail venues.